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You might wonder why the company is named Ugly Dog…

Ugly Dog Media is the brainchild of Dan Blacharski and his wife, Charoenkwan, aka Be, Vice President of Ugly Dog Media. The company is named in honor of Be’s affinity for “ugly” dogs.


Since the early 90’s, and well through the heady days of the “dotcom boom”, Dan has served clients across the globe, creating highly effective web content, brochures, ghosted articles, white papers, books, and much more. A gifted writer in her own right, Be Blacharski is well known in her native Thailand as an award winning author, poet, journalist, and translator. With such a talented center of gravity, it was inevitable they were going to bring more gifted professionals into their pull, which led to the formation of the dynamic firm we are today.


We've kept the attentiveness and accessibility of a home-based business, while our rapid expansion is a direct product of our solid, seasoned foundation, combined with exceptional new talent. With tremendous experience and the ability to create highly intelligent content, each member of our team is quite comfortable taking more than a few steps beyond the traditional media approach.


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South Bend, Indiana

South Bend, Indiana is classic middle America and part of the Rust Belt Renaissance taking place in cities throughout the region. The city enjoys its role as an emerging tech hub, its strong and diverse neighborhoods, a thriving arts scene, and a deeply connected, hands-on community committed to sustainability. It is also home to one of the country's most prestigious catholic universities, Notre Dame, as well as four other exceptional campuses. It's a place where individuals learn the culture and languages of the world.

The Ugly Dogs

We’re not engineers, IT developers, or Information Architects, but we write well-informed content on subjects for any market. We are just as well known for our successful business plans, launch strategies for startup companies, marketing plans, PR campaigns and dynamic graphic design work. When you hire Ugly Dog, you’re getting a reliable and responsive marketing partner with the ability to customize effective and cost-appropriate marketing and public relations solutions, on time and on spec. We use a unique blend of brand development, intelligent SEO, forum management, social media marketing, and creative outreach to help customers all over the world connect with the right audiences.


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