Ugly Dog Media

is a global marketing a public relations firm with local appeal. Situated in America’s industrial heartland on Main St. in downtown South Bend, Indiana, we work with companies around the world and down the street.

Our offices

are located in the historic Vandalia Railroad Station, built in 1900 by the Pennsylvania Railroad, one of the largest railroads in the country at the time. The trains still roll by like clockwork, though much has changed since then. We now overlook the impressive Studebaker Corridor, the state-of-the-art data center, Global Access Point, and Ignition Park, Indiana’s newest emerging high tech industrial center. It’s exciting to be right in the middle of the new wave of tech industry taking place in South Bend, Indiana. If you’re in town, feel free to drop by the office anytime.

Contact Information

Phone: (574) 344-2056 Email:
Ugly Dog Media, Inc. 701 S. Main St., Suite 200 South Bend, IN 46601

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