federal legislation introduced in April 2012 promises to be a game changer in raising capital for small business, and Indiana's intrastate equity crowdfunding law already is!


changes everything for small businesses.

The passing of the recent JOBS Act

included a small but extremely critical part concerning raising capital that will change the way many small businesses are formed and begin to do business in the United States from this day forward. The section regarding “crowdfunding” allows for something that previously was unavailable: Offering equity investment in a small business, to a small group of people over the Internet, and advertising your request for capital to the general public. Until now, using the internet to ask for investors was only the province of charities and creative endeavors. Now, the average small business can take advantage of that avenue as well to reach a wider potential pool of investors without the red tape.

Is Your Business Ready to Crowdfund?
This new initiative presents a new challenge and opportunity

how do you market your business to small investors outside of your personal sphere? With the right marketing collateral, your message can reach investors, who are as passionate about your project as you are, anywhere in the world. All it takes is the right inspiration. Ugly Dog Media is the first full-service marketing company to offer expert, specialized guidance through the "Initial Crowd Offering" process. There's more to crowdfunding than just listing your idea on a crowdfunding platform! Get started now and be ready to take advantage of crowdfunding with our expertise.

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