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Full-service public relations and marketing


Traditional PR and marketing combined with new media technologies.

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You’re exceptional at what you do.

Your clients receive the best quality care and service. Are you reaching the people, associations and networks that you need to reach to let everyone know that you’re a leader? Too busy providing great work for your customers?

That’s where we can help you.

Ugly Dog Media, Inc. has been providing quality marketing and public relations services to our customers since 1985. We’re a full-service marketing agency and public relations firm.

Working with clients all over the world from our base in South Bend, Indiana, we help businesses to reach clients and networks more effectively and stand out as leaders in their industries through innovative ideas implemented with high quality content, detailed designs, and perfectly timed campaigns.





Your clients and industry networks need to be able to find you on the internet.

Before making a purchase, 89 percent of U.S.-based Internet users search online first, even when shopping at a local business.

Of daily Internet searches, 46 percent are research on products or services.

When searching online, 75 percent of Internet users do not look further than the first page of search results. Unless you're Apple, Budweiser or one of the big names in your industry, you need many pages of high quality content to get to page 1.

Sixty percent of all clicks go to the Top Three search results, naturally. Optimizing your page titles (or SEO) will help your company land one of the coveted spots on search engines.


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Social media is the modern day word of mouth.

Companies with 1000+ Twitter followers get six times more traffic on their websites than those with fewer Twitter followers. Of B2B companies using Twitter, 39 percent have acquired new customers from it. Of U.S. Twitter users, 79 percent are more likely to recommend the brands that they follow. And that’s just Twitter…There’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and the list goes on and on. It's important to have a social media strategy that helps you achieve the most effective use of your time with social media. Ugly Dog Media helps you find the right social networks and craft the perfect messages.

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