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The definition of ‘full-service marketing’ has changed, big time.

Twenty years ago, a company could sum up the whole of their direct marketing needs on one page – and easily depend on an in-house staff to oversee and manage their ongoing branding efforts. Even large organizations with substantial marketing communication needs were able, back then, to proceed with a somewhat narrowed focus - a splash of TV, a few radio spots and a dab of print media!  Web design and the effects of social media networks did not exist.

The advent of high technology and the ubiquity of social media has been disruptive, to say the least. Today, ‘full-service marketing’ is a totally different game. There is a new playing field and a completely rewritten book of rules.  The importance of branding in the culture of info-overload is paramount. The difference between success and failure can often be measured by the ability (or inability) of companies or their marketing agency to adapt to this new, dynamic messaging arena.

What is included in Ugly Dog Media’s Marketing Packages?

Ugly Dog Media Marketing Communications Packages are customizable to fit your needs. After a preliminary consultation, we draw from the following menu of services to adapt a public relations marketing package that provides your company with a robust plan that addresses your most pressing public relations and social media needs.  Depending on the marketing package you desire and the current status of your marketing collateral, some combination of our services will comprise your specific program. Click here to see a detailed list of our services.

So where do you start in this dynamic public relations marketing landscape? At Ugly Dog Media, our various direct marketing packages ensure that any company, large or small, has the wherewithal to give consumers what they most want: easy access to clear and intelligent information in all of the formats that they recognize, tailored to their specific needs.

Sorting through the various media outlets can be a daunting task for businesses trying to navigate this new marketing terrain.  Consider one of our retainer packages to get you started.

Sorting through the various media outlets can be a daunting task for businesses trying to navigate this new marketing terrain.  Consider one of our retainer packages to get you started.  While our range of direct marketing and social media services can be secured a la carte, we have learned to package a range of elements into a simple marketing product that, in our experience, meets many of our customers’ marketing communication needs. While we can customize a menu of our services into a comprehensive branding and public relations program for your business, the following is a list of marketing packages that we have found useful:


  • Marketing Tune-Up Package- This is for our clients that already have their marketing communications strategy in place, but are looking to get more “bang for the buck.” We sit down with you for a free initial strategy session and determine the best social media, web design and public relations marketing combination for your business.  Then we formulate a customized strategy that fits both your business and your budget.
  • Website Refresh- This is for our clients that currently have a website in place, but don’t feel they’re getting the Google ranking or traffic they desire. We can update and optimize the content for SEO, freshen up the web design and add web video.  These steps and others will improve the graphic design and increase the traffic, ranking, and overall visual appeal of your website.
  • Small Business Jumpstart Package- This is for the small business that is just starting out and has no direct marketing plan in place and can benefit from the insights of a creative agency. We first offer public relations consulting to determine how to use social media and to discuss your branding goals to determine the mix of strategies that best suits your business.
  • Dedicated Retainer Package- For our clients that want a short term or long term marketing communications plan, we will determine how many hours a month will be needed to get the marketing strategy in place – typically 25-100 hours initially.  The amount of time and duration is flexible and negotiable. Frequently the initial implementation phase – often about 50 hours a month - will be reduced to a lower monthly maintenance rate after a branding and social media strategy is established and a marketing infrastructure is put into place.     
  • Crowdfunding Jumpstart Package-The new JOBS Act will take effect later this year or early 2013. It changes how to raise capital for small businesses. It will open up avenues previously unavailable by utilizing crowd sourcing for financing projects. Small businesses that stand to benefit the most will be those that have their project funding plan in place and are ready to take advantage of these avenues for the raising of capital as soon as they’re open to small investors. We can help you be ready to get in on the beginning of this game changer for small business. For more information on “Crowd funding,” visit our website at http://www.crowdfundingjumpstart.com
  • Copywriting Partnership Packages- Ugly Dog Media has made its mark with its superior copywriting capacities.  In the disaggregated landscape of on-line direct marketing and social media networks, we have found that many publishers, web designers, PR firms, graphic designers, advertising and creative agencies are seeking a capable partner for superior quality copywriting and branding message collaboration.  One of the effects of social media and search engine optimization (SEO) has been a ceaseless demand for fresh for content. Marketing agencies looking to meet these demands and seeking to expand their suite of services with proven copywriting services will find a reliable, experienced partner in Ugly Dog Media.

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