Consider one of our retainer packages.

Every direct marketing, public relations, and social media service is also available individually.


Marketing Tune-Up Package

This is for our clients that already have a marketing communications strategy in place, but are looking to enhance or refresh their existing efforts. We sit down with you for a free initial strategy session and determine the best combination of social media, web design, public relations and marketing solutions for your business. Then we formulate a customized strategy that fits both your business and your budget, and we get to work immediately on elevating your current marketing materials.

Website Refresh

You may already have a website in place, but are you getting the Google ranking or traffic you need? We are experts at creating content that does this for our clients. We will update and optimize the content for SEO, freshen up the graphic design and add web video. These steps and others will improve not only the overall visual appeal of your website but will also increase your site's ranking on search engine lists and the traffic to your website.

Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization. Keyword Analysis.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Launch. Forum Marketing. Professional Blogs. Newsletter Creation and Delivery.

Web Development

Corporate Content. Website Refresh.

Small Business Jumpstart Package

This is for the small business that is just starting out and has no direct marketing plan in place. We are a creative agency that is competent in crafting original messaging and branding concepts and implementing them skillfully so that your small business can reach clients and networks.


Dedicated Retainer Package

For our clients that want a long-term marketing communications plan, we provide retainer packages. After determining how many hours a month will be needed to get the marketing strategy in place (typically 25-100 hours initially), we will then provide our services on a monthly basis. The amount of time and duration is flexible and negotiable. The hours necessary during the initial implementation phase will be reduced to a lower monthly maintenance rate after a branding and social media strategy is established and a marketing infrastructure is put into place.


Business Launch

Messaging Matrix. Business Plans.

Crowdfunding Jumpstart Package

New opportunities in crowdfunding have opened up avenues previously unavailable to SMBs by utilizing crowd sourcing as a way to finance projects. Small businesses that stand to benefit the most will be those that have their project funding plan in place and are ready to take advantage of these avenues to raise capital. We can help you prepare your company’s marketing materials for these exciting new investment opportunities.


Copywriting Partnership Packages

Ugly Dog Media provides superior copywriting. In the disaggregated landscape of online direct marketing and social media networks, we have found that many publishers, web designers, PR firms, graphic designers, advertising and creative agencies are seeking a capable partner for superior quality copywriting and branding message collaboration. One of the effects of social media and search engine optimization (SEO) has been a ceaseless demand for fresh content. Marketing agencies looking to meet these demands and seeking to expand their suite of services with proven copywriting services will find a reliable, experienced partner in Ugly Dog Media.


Ghost writing

Articles. Books. e-Books. Travel writing.

Crowdfunding Marketing. Mobile App Marketing. Web Video. Industry Market Research. Industry Research Reports and Whitepapers. Localization Marketing.
Public Relations

Strategic Counsel. Press Releases and Press Kits. Media Outreach.

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